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Managing Partner, BizDev

Marcus Lyle Brown

Marcus Lyle Brown, an accomplished project lead and chief marketing officer, embodies a rare blend of artistic talent, academic dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. His journey into video game and mobile application development is underpinned by a rich tapestry of experiences spanning academia, government liaison work, and the entertainment industry.

Marcus’s academic pursuits, particularly as a doctoral fellow in communication and media studies, highlight his commitment to leveraging educational frameworks for impactful curriculum development and instructional design. This scholarly endeavor is complemented by his hands-on experience in curriculum development, where his expertise in crafting credentialed programs shines.

Beyond academia, Marcus has established himself as a distinguished figure in liaising with government entities, providing invaluable consultancy in tax credits and workforce development. This role has allowed him to bridge the gap between innovative educational solutions and policy frameworks, facilitating the broader adoption of transformative learning technologies.

In entertainment, Marcus’s leadership as the owner of Believe Entertainment has been nothing short of remarkable. With a portfolio that boasts over 100 film and TV credits, his work as an actor and producer has captivated audiences and showcased his ability to craft compelling narratives across all major streaming platforms, including Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon. This diverse experience in storytelling and content creation enriches his approach to marketing and communication within the tech and education sectors.

Marcus Lyle Brown is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary expertise in driving innovation. His unique fusion of creative prowess, academic insight, and strategic thinking positions him as a critical asset in transforming industries and shaping future perceptions of immersive learning experiences.

Founder, Managing Partner

Jason Perkins

A visionary founder and managing partner, Jason Perkins, has charted a unique path that seamlessly blends art and technology. From his early days in high school, he honed his skills as a graphic artist after school for a national billboard company and as an art instructor at Art Associates. A profound passion has marked Jason’s journey for design and creativity. This passion didn’t wane when he joined the Air Force; instead, it took on a new dimension as he served as a graphic design specialist, marrying his artistic talents with his dedication to service.

Following his tenure in the Air Force, Jason ventured into Network Security, where he excelled in technical support and account management. Yet, his drive to explore and impact led him to acquire a Paramedic certification, eventually opening doors to QHSE consulting within the energy and construction industries. During this period, Jason’s lifelong interest in graphic design and emerging technologies coalesced into a vision: transforming training through immersive solutions.

In 2012, Jason co-founded Kheiron Immersive Training Environments alongside Shane Istre, turning his vision into reality. Their innovative approach quickly garnered attention, securing Royal Dutch as their inaugural client. Since then, Jason’s leadership has propelled the company to remarkable heights, working with most majors in the Energy sector and expanding into Education, Government, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Entertainment.

Jason Perkins exemplifies the intersection of innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of making learning and training more engaging and effective. His journey from a graphic artist to a pioneer in immersive training environments underscores a belief that thoughtfully applied technology can transform industries and enrich lives.

Founder, Managing Partner

Shane Istre

Shane Istre, a figure of strategic insight and leadership, combines his military precision with an innovative mindset as the Managing Partner and strategic planner. His journey is marked by a distinguished career in the Army Military Intelligence as a First Lieutenant and Company Commander, where he honed his skills in leadership, strategic planning, and operations under the most challenging conditions. This military background instilled in him a deep understanding of the importance of clear vision, meticulous planning, and the agility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Following his military service, Shane transitioned his focus towards executive project management and operations, applying his disciplined approach to the corporate world. His ability to navigate complex projects and lead teams toward successful outcomes has been a testament to his adaptability and leadership qualities.

In 2012, Shane co-founded Kheiron Immersive Training Environments with Jason Perkins, bringing his strategic vision to the forefront of immersive learning solutions. Under his leadership, the company secured its first major client, Royal Dutch Shell, and expanded its services across various sectors, including energy, education, government, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment. Shane’s strategic planning and operational expertise have been pivotal in guiding the company through this expansion, ensuring that each venture meets and exceeds expectations.

Shane’s journey from a military leader to a Managing Partner reflects a profound commitment to leveraging his experience for broader impacts beyond the battlefield. His strategic vision for Kheiron Immersive Training Environments embodies his belief in the power of immersive technology to transform training and education, creating more engaging, effective, and accessible learning experiences. Shane Istre’s leadership is a beacon of innovation, guiding his team towards new frontiers in learning and development.

“"Throughout my career, I’ve always been interested in disruptive technologies. When I met Marcus and saw what Digital Twin Studies was capable of creating, I knew this was an opportunity for us to do something unique with how we train our team."”

Clio KnowlesChief People Person at Virgin Hotels

“The entertainment production industry in Louisiana continues to expand and diversify in ways that create career opportunities for our skilled entertainment workforce”

John Bel EdwardsGovernor of Louisiana

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