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XR Design & Development

Our XR Design & Development harnesses virtual and augmented reality to transform complex concepts into engaging, immersive learning and innovative business experiences.

Learning Development

We blend cutting-edge XR technology with educational expertise to create engaging immersive learning solutions, equipping individuals to excel in a dynamic world.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

We use Digital Twin technology with partners to transform industries, enhance decision-making and operations, and predict trends for innovative, sustainable progress.

From Small to Epic, We Handle it All

Our diverse expertise and alliances with industry pioneers underscore our dedication to innovation and excellence in outcomes, regardless of project size. We prioritize impactful initiatives, harnessing every chance to drive change, advance education, and refine business operations. We maintain that every endeavor, big or small, is a step toward a more innovative and equitable world.

We Help Save on Project Costs

We meticulously manage projects to maximize your investment, balancing cost-efficiency with our dedication to delivering outstanding results, reflecting our conviction in technology’s potential for accessible, impactful change. As a Louisiana-based company, we utilize the LA Digital Media Tax Credits Program for financial gain. We strategically boost digital media and education, turning cost savings into meaningful investments in immersive XR technology and education and fostering significant societal benefits.

Our Partnership with Unity

As a Unity Platinum Reseller and Center of Excellence Partner, we provide top-tier access to the latest Unity technologies. We specialize in creating innovative, interactive content across various industries, including Automotive, AEC, and Education, strongly focusing on immersive learning experiences. As members of the Unity Certified Creator Network, we excel in delivering advanced Metaverse experiences, comprehensive training, and versatile industry solutions while emphasizing the power of immersive learning.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

Our partnership with the AIE amplifies our capabilities, particularly in immersive learning. By combining our XR expertise with the Academy’s educational strength, we’re pioneering in technology and learning. We aim to not just create immersive experiences but ignite innovation and prepare individuals for a future enriched by XR technology, impacting learning and business at all scales.

“"Throughout my career, I’ve always been interested in disruptive technologies. When I met Marcus and saw what Digital Twin Studies was capable of creating, I knew this was an opportunity for us to do something unique with how we train our team."”

Clio KnowlesChief People Person at Virgin Hotels

“The entertainment production industry in Louisiana continues to expand and diversify in ways that create career opportunities for our skilled entertainment workforce”

John Bel EdwardsGovernor of Louisiana

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