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Next-Generation Safety Training Solutions
for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Simulators have seen widespread use in the aviation and military markets for decades, providing risk-free operational experience through simulated exercises. Now, this training is being made available and affordable by Digital Twin Studios to industries such as oil & gas and offshore.

By leveraging the internet, learning management systems, and video game technology, Digital Twin Studios can reduce your cost of training and mentoring employees while increasing the effectiveness of skills and knowledge transfer.

With Digital Twin's gamified simulation training, hazardous situations can be recreated without incorrect decisions leading to possibly catastrophic consequences. Errors and mistakes are made in the simulation without real-life consequences, but with valuable experience gained.

Why Use Simulation Digital Training?

Why Use Simulation Digital Training?

Increased Retention

Our training solutions allow you to test and train employees with game-based training, leading to higher knowledge retention and no downtime.

Simple to Deploy

No need for scheduling and coordinating training sessions - simply add the users and it's ready to go.


Ensure training is conducted in a consistent fashion, resulting in all learners receiving the same training.


Train your employees anytime and on their schedule in an on-demand immersive, 3D replica of your offshore environment using digital twins of your tools and equipment.

Time/Money Savings

Save on instructors, travel and physical setup costs while allowing your staff to train  safely  and conveniently from anywhere, at any time.

Safer & Risk-Free

Errors or mistakes can then be made in the simulation without real-life consequences, but with valuable experience gained.

E-Learning Evolved

Within e-Learning, there is a trend toward gamification. By turning training into a game, the amount of information retained can be increased. As shown in the graph below, there is far greater retention of information through gaming than other forms of learning. Research shows that trainees retain more information, long-term, from gamified e-Learning than from reading, in-classroom training, or even in-person mentoring.

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