Custom Developed Training Solutions for the Offshore Industry

Digital Twin Studios offers custom development for clients who need tailored training solutions for their offshore, energy and maritime environments. Using custom-tailored solutions enables you to test and train your employees in a 3D immersive virtual work environment that is nearly identical to it’s real world counterpart. Employees who are able to train this way greatly reduce the risk of human error, accidents, damaged equipment and unnecessary downtime.


Custom Training Course Development Benefits

Some clients have complicated procedures and unique environments that don’t fit in a typical training scenario. These customers require custom solutions to replicate the complicated procedures and processes that employees must go through in order to fully understand their jobs.

If an employee doesn’t fully understand a certain procedure, they can cause accidents, damage equipment and incur job downtime that can cost your company money.

Immersive training can improve their learning retention rate by 75%*.Higher employee training retention can literally save you thousands, even millions of dollars.


Digital Twin Studios can:

  • Replicate your unique offshore environment for employee training.
  • Increase employee knowledge retention greatly reducing the risk of human error & accidents.
  • Create custom LMS (Learning Management System) solutions.
  • Replicate any environment and equipment into a virtual environment.
  • Incorporate your company’s competency or performance-based training into an immersive training program.
  • Track employee performance using built-in analytical tools.

The Largest Oil & Gas Companies Trust Us for Custom Training Programs

Currently, most companies in the Energy and Maritime industries utilize a written or verbal test to determine competency. They then assign someone to assess the hands-on portion in a shop using non-functioning equipment or live equipment on the job site.

Big companies have come to realize that this isn’t an optimal solution to training & testing employees. Companies like Shell® rely on Digital Twin Studios to create custom tailored training solutions & testing to maximize employee ROI and reduce the risk of employee accidents.

Our custom developed competency assessment programs are used to train and measure employee learning of procedures specific to each position. These programs are also used to assess knowledge and skills of personnel, which helps identify levels of performance specific to their duties and responsibilities in a work environment.

Companies from all industries are realizing that immersive training is a new, impactful & meaningful way to train people.

Let Us Develop Your Immersive 3D Training Program

Digital Twin Studios can create virtual replicas of the most intricate environments, equipment and procedures. We can create custom training solutions based on your current training programs and turn them into enjoyable, interactive experiences that increase retention rates and knowledge over your current programs. Contact us now to learn how we can help increase employee ROI and on-the-job safety.