Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is now able to bring a new dimension to classroom learning and workforce training. As society is advancing, how we learn should also change. Most people do not do well in traditional classroom settings, and the level of engagement is low.

Augmented reality training makes training more innovative and amusing. Because learners are able to associate the new information with their physical world, they are more likely to retain a large amount of what they learn without having to study over and over again.
Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in that it does not use total immersion to work - instead, augmented reality focuses on enhancing the real world by adding digital elements to it. Augmented reality uses a headset and a lens, in which information is projected onto.

The wearer of the headset is still able to see the real world - it is just supplemented by data from the headset that is projected onto the lens. AR can also be used on smartphones and gaming consoles using a camera lens, foregoing a headset. As the technology advanced, it went from gaming and entertainment use to flight testing, military, medical, and navigation training. In addition to that, AR is used in classroom settings and for job training.

AR in the Classroom

The practical application of the learning simulations increases the ability for students to understand information and potentially apply it to real-world situations. In the education field, AR has allowed for homework help, book previews, yearbook tributes, science lab safety, interactive maps, and posters, along with AR integrated applications for each subject.

Job Training with Augmented Reality

Aside from students learning in school, augmented reality plays a very large part in job training. Because AR layers computer-generated models over reality, it can add an entirely new dimension to job training. Augmented reality headsets have advanced, and are able to display various training activities. For example, someone training for a job at a factory or plant facility can use AR headsets to simulate the different types of activities that may happen. Combined with data analytics, this proves to be an extremely useful way to immerse the trainee into a learning experience and apply their actions to the job position later on.

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