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We’ve developed an extensive library of in-depth, 3D Interactive safety awareness training games for Oil & Gas and Maritime personnel to replace CBT, PowerPoint, and live instructor training. You can subscribe to our training content on a yearly or monthly basis. You can also pay individually for each course you want, a la carte.

Offshore Marine Training Courses

Incipient Fire, Fire Extinguisher Types
Learn about putting out fires the proper way in industrial environments.
Power Tools Safety
Learn about how to be safe when using power tools in an offshore environment.
Learn about what to do in hazardous situations.
Hurricane Preparation
Learn about how to prepare for a hurricane.
Confined Space Awareness
Learn about awareness of confined spaces on a rig.
JSEA Awareness
Learn about awareness of confined spaces on a rig.
Personal Protection Equipment
(Fall, Hearing, Respiratory, EPIRB)
Behavioral Based Safety
Learn about how behaving in a rig environment can impact safety.
Zero Tolerance (Drug, Alcohol, Weapons)
Learn about general policies on drugs, alcohol and weapons.
First Aid
(Burns, Breaking Bones, Care of Bleeding Emergencies, Insect/Animal Bites, Choking)
Learn about situations involving lockouts and tagouts and what to do.
Incident, Accident, Injury Reporting
Learn about what to do if an accident occurs.
Workplace Violence
Learn about the proper way to handle workplace violence
Hyperthermia, Hypothermia
Learn about how to handle situations when the body experiences extreme cold.

Option 1:

Pay-Per-View Training
  • A la carte training
  • Generates a one-time completion certificate that can be printed

Option 2:

Annual Subscription
  • Annual license, Annual payment
  • Unlimited LMS Access that stores certificates & schedules training
  • Pay By The Month: $14 user/month


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  • We also offer custom solutions and pricing for clients who have unique needs or a large amount of employees