Any enterprise or operation, whether it be in resource extraction, manufacturing or providing services, needs a unified approach to support the achievement of its objectives (which can include health and safety, shareholder value, ethics, regulatory compliance). For this to happen, all personnel need to know and understand the organization’s objectives, and especially, how those objectives are to be achieved. A greater understanding will lead to an acceptance of those objectives and an active contribution to the achievement of them. There are several ways to keep personnel informed of the organization’s expectations and how they are to be met. One such method is through mentoring.

Here at Digital Twin Studios, we are passionate about what we do and the impact it can have on the future of the oil and gas industry. Our name is derived from the actual term, digital twin. The concept of digital twin dates back to 2003, with its introduction by Michael Grieves. His goal was to be able to analyze pieces of equipment at an extremely high level and monitor their progression and performance. 

Augmented reality is a unique form of technology - it takes the real world and adds augmented elements to it. Unlike virtual reality which completely immerses the user in a new, simulated environment, augmented reality brings digital technology attributes into someone’s real visual world using computer generated sensory information. Augmented reality uses a headset and a clear lens, where information is projected onto. The wearer of the headset is still able to see the real world - it is just supplemented by data from the headset. 

Virtual reality is an impressive technological feat. It has been in the minds of dreamers and developers for decades but had hit monetary and technological hurdles along the way. It has allowed for us to be completely immersed in a digital landscape, exploring the world in a completely different way. The term virtual reality comes from exactly that - a computer-generated, virtual version of an alternate reality emulation. It creates a frameless, 3D digital world that we are able to interact with and explore, to an extent.